Core course

Core training #1

Open Source industry state of the art

Providing students with a holistic view of economic, technical & legal mechanisms which structure corporate & public sector open source usage.

Target group

Decision makers, technical managers, lawyers, buyers & procurement services


1 day (7 hours)


2000 € VAT excl.



Course outline

Open source - Global overview



Open innovation

Open Source definition

Open Source origins

Rise of the free & open source software movement

Adoption levers

Open source trends

Information system as an open platform

Open Source as a valorization improvement tool

Key account approaches

Open source for large organizations

Open Source industrialization stakes

Open source governance introduction

Structuring open source in commonplace business processes

Core training #2

Integration / release of open source software

Empowering students with knowledge of Open Source, of its various opportunities and risks which require a controlled, strategic approach. Attendees will be taught the prerequisites of integrating Open Source software in their projects or product lifecycle, how to contribute to third-party projects, and how release internal software to the Open Source software community.

Target group

Any profile type


3 days (21 hours)



Course outline

Day 1: Understanding Open Source software

Definition & history

Opportunities and key scrutiny topics related to Open Source

Market, ecosystem, competitive environment

Open Source business models

Trends and perspectives of key corporate & public sector actors

Key success factors of an Open Source strategy

Day 2: Integrating open source software

Identifying the right components and the right communities

Open source license operation

Open source licenses compliance challenges

Best practices of third-party component integration: control risks and improve technical quality

Day 3: Learn to contribute to community projects & release projects under open source licenses

Why & how to contribute to a community project

Why & how to release internal projects under open source licenses

Key tools & processes

Best practices for developers, buyers, lawyers & managers