Decision-makers course

Course #1

Enrich your strategic approach by introducing open source & refine your open source strategy

Provide a global overview of open source opportunities and risks, raise awareness of students regarding the stakes of corporate & public open source use, enable students to design approaches specific to their particular goals

Target group

Chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief technical officers, chief legal officers


1 day (7 hours), ideally spread across 2 half-days



Course outline

Open source challenges & risks - global approach

Use / Contribute / Attract

Open source snares

Actors & challenges

Group workshop in order to identify

Strengths & opportunities

Weaknesses & threats

Existing & prospective

Open source ROI

Open source transition costs

Asset valorization

Competition issues

Your own approach of open source

Your leveraging means

Your cornerstones

Your improvement axes

Course #2

Acquiring / transferring and valorizing an open source digital asset

Empowering students with the key tools for valorizing the intellectual property rights of an open source-released digital asset, the challenges & means of its tranfer, both from a buyer and a seller's point of view

Target group

Chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief legal officers


1 day (7 hours)



Course outline

Intellectual property rules for open source assets

IP rights on works released under a free and/or open source license

Ownership and originality

Non-software digital assets

Arrange the transfer conditions

Seller responsibilities

Focus on peaceful/quiet possession warranty

Specifics of open source digital asset transfer

Securing transfer through contract management

Open source digital asset transfer due diligences

Usual verifications for asset transfer

Digital asset ownership check

Licenses governing the digital asset

Component audit & license compatibility

Various software valorization approaches

Accounting perspective

Financial evaluation

Mathematical model estimate

Critical & comparative approach analysis

Transfer scenarios

Open source license impact on transfer scenarios

Third-party users management

Continuity level maintenance

Scenario selection impact on valorization